Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Youth Journalist BPM and Compass

Youth Bukit Putra Mandiri is always ready and alert to deliver tourists or anyone who wants to do activities and events at the Nature Tourism Ancient Volcano. As in the day Saturday, July 11, 2009 morning came a troupe with a Bus Forward Current, the evening at 17.00 there are journalists from the Compass that will make the writing of the existence and potential that exists in Nature Tourism Ancient Volcano Village Nglanggeran this. The original plan there are 2 Journalists who would climb, but it's a photographer who is absent due to family affairs. And we salutnya with reporters compass is kekonsistenannya who has kept a promise to karangtaruna although one member absent.

Hill Nglanggeran Suitable For All Age

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Location Nature Tourism Ancient Volcano Village Hall Nglanggeran in Joglo Kalisong fathers filled with age no longer young. The group was at 07.30 GAKKUK already meet the parking area and also Joglo Kalisong. We of Youth also wonder why the hours of the morning that much existing entourage who came and had "Sepuh-old" what could be rock climbing training?? We think the .. Because actually on the same day there are rock climbing activities in the location of this ancient volcano. But it turns out that there are visitors / tourists who are not participants of the training Climbing. Once I came friendly greetings from nearly all the participants warmly welcomed GAKKUK our arrival. So we immediately approached the food offered misbegotten, srondeng and other foods that are packed from them. "Wow this visitor friendly at all ...." Fill in our hearts. Then I chatted with the group leader and I was asked if this group of participants and was not rock climbing. And we ask that any writings dibaju uniform they wear "Coach really mean what his uniform reads GAKKUK ... .???" His father replied:" It stands for Joint Kawulo GAKKUK Kawulo Kathah Age. " By talking to us had also received information that a group of tourists is a combination of people who already have a lot of age (Age Kathah), pantesan existing grandparents as well.

Nature Tourism Mountain Nglanggeran / Ancient Volcano

      Situated in the village of Mount Nglanggeran Nglanggeran, District Patuk Gunungkidul district. Located in the northern region Baturagung Gunungkidul District with a height of between 200-700 masl with average air temperature of 23 ˚ C - 27 ˚ C, the distance of 20 km from the city Wonosari and 25 km from the city of Yogyakarta. There are 2 lane roads to the object of this tour through the smooth asphalt roads, if we pass from the direction Wonosari Sambipitu roundabout, take the right direction to the hamlet Bobung / craft mask, then headed Nglanggeran Village (Hall Joglo Kalisong / Mount Nglanggeran). If the direction of Jogjakarta: Bukit Bintang Patuk, FM Radio GCD turn left approximately 7 KM (direction-oro Ngoro village location of transmission stations), to the village Nglanggeran (Hall Joglo Kalisong / Mount Nglanggeran).

Beijing tourists coming to Mount Nglanggeran

       Tourism Potentials in Gunungkidul been ogled by tourists, Sunday, December 21, 2008 Tourists from Beijing to visit one of nature tourism in Gunungkidul. One of them is Nglanggeran Mountain Nature Tourism has huge potential to be developed into tourist attractions. Located in the Village of Mount Nglanggeran Nglanggeran, sub Patuk, Gunungkidul district.

Tourism Nglanggeran, Enchantment of the Ancient Volcano

Only a few people who know Mount Nglanggeran in Patuk, Gunung Kidul, an active volcano in Yogyakarta before the birth of Merapi. Mount or Mount Nglanggeran now no longer active. However, above him, eyes for a moment stunned. Green rug that lay at the time looking down, saw the fields, gardens, and Forest Tourism Bunder, making tens of tourism tour participants must spend more than the agreed schedule. Sitting on a large boulder-sized house, and see the sights, very exciting. Panorama green here serve as the objects do not miss shots. However, the gestures have to be careful because it could slip. Although the weather was not too hot, sweat was pouring from the most visible face of the participants. In fact, the majority of them only until the first post. However, to achieve this post, although that is not helpful to the ground is wet, keep draining. The distance from the village street toward the first post is only 500 meters. Visitors must walk, retracing the rocks, through the grass, and ate a rising path.