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Nature Tourism Mountain Nglanggeran / Ancient Volcano

      Situated in the village of Mount Nglanggeran Nglanggeran, District Patuk Gunungkidul district. Located in the northern region Baturagung Gunungkidul District with a height of between 200-700 masl with average air temperature of 23 ˚ C - 27 ˚ C, the distance of 20 km from the city Wonosari and 25 km from the city of Yogyakarta. There are 2 lane roads to the object of this tour through the smooth asphalt roads, if we pass from the direction Wonosari Sambipitu roundabout, take the right direction to the hamlet Bobung / craft mask, then headed Nglanggeran Village (Hall Joglo Kalisong / Mount Nglanggeran). If the direction of Jogjakarta: Bukit Bintang Patuk, FM Radio GCD turn left approximately 7 KM (direction-oro Ngoro village location of transmission stations), to the village Nglanggeran (Hall Joglo Kalisong / Mount Nglanggeran).

This area is an area that litologinya prepared by old volcanic material and has a beautiful landscape and the geology is very unique and of high scientific value. From the results of existing research and reference, otherwise Mountain Nglanggeran is Ancient Volcano. We've often heard and seen pictures of human Purba, well as whether the Ancient Volcano? See the beauty and panorama nature is at the location of this tour. Boulder towering buildings and malls such as that used to be an active volcano (60 million years ago) now can we sit sipping fresh air as he took some photographs.
There Joglo building (Hall Joglo Kalisong) at the entrance and when we stepped streets trails for hiking, so there are 3 simple view post buildings of low height, medium to top of the mountain. Green rug that lay at the time looking down, saw the fields, gardens, and buildings tower and various television stations which is quite a lot, increase natural beauty. This location is very suitable for rock climbing, tracking, cruise tours out bond, makrab, and bekemah.
Many local tourists, and there are also occasional foreign tourists visit Mount Nglanggeran to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, trying to conquer the big rocks to climb, and many are only just relieve fatigue from daily work activities and noise of the city.

By: Sugeng Handoko (handoko88_jogja@yahoo.co.id)

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