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Hill Nglanggeran Suitable For All Age

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Location Nature Tourism Ancient Volcano Village Hall Nglanggeran in Joglo Kalisong fathers filled with age no longer young. The group was at 07.30 GAKKUK already meet the parking area and also Joglo Kalisong. We of Youth also wonder why the hours of the morning that much existing entourage who came and had "Sepuh-old" what could be rock climbing training?? We think the .. Because actually on the same day there are rock climbing activities in the location of this ancient volcano. But it turns out that there are visitors / tourists who are not participants of the training Climbing. Once I came friendly greetings from nearly all the participants warmly welcomed GAKKUK our arrival. So we immediately approached the food offered misbegotten, srondeng and other foods that are packed from them. "Wow this visitor friendly at all ...." Fill in our hearts. Then I chatted with the group leader and I was asked if this group of participants and was not rock climbing. And we ask that any writings dibaju uniform they wear "Coach really mean what his uniform reads GAKKUK ... .???" His father replied:" It stands for Joint Kawulo GAKKUK Kawulo Kathah Age. " By talking to us had also received information that a group of tourists is a combination of people who already have a lot of age (Age Kathah), pantesan existing grandparents as well.

Their goal to Ancient Volcano is to perform a holiday and also get fresh air and natural state that is still awake. Not long we chatted come again member of their group bicycle ride. Apparently some of the participants GAKKUK Bicycle riding also from their area of ​​Klaten. Participants of the majority of retired civil servants and employees it took to ride the Ancient Volcano Village Nglanggeran though not until the peak. Youth Guided by Bukit Putra Mandiri majority of participants are aged over 65 years to feel happy and proud to still be climbing the mountain and will come again with family members. They also wondered why there Gunungkidul area is very beautiful scenery like that and they just mengerahuinya of old age. There is also a joke if the young would not invite my boyfriend to climb ...

So should we as youth should not lose his spirit with bapak-bapak/Kakek-kakek entourage. We should imitate the spirit GAKKUK (Combined Age Kawulo2 Kathah) and also the friendliness and familiarity to anyone.

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