Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Youth Journalist BPM and Compass

Youth Bukit Putra Mandiri is always ready and alert to deliver tourists or anyone who wants to do activities and events at the Nature Tourism Ancient Volcano. As in the day Saturday, July 11, 2009 morning came a troupe with a Bus Forward Current, the evening at 17.00 there are journalists from the Compass that will make the writing of the existence and potential that exists in Nature Tourism Ancient Volcano Village Nglanggeran this. The original plan there are 2 Journalists who would climb, but it's a photographer who is absent due to family affairs. And we salutnya with reporters compass is kekonsistenannya who has kept a promise to karangtaruna although one member absent.

Yet journalists are women, if not wrong the name Sister Rose Kusuma. With no preparation for camping equipment brought in by his friend ynag unable to come together young people from youth to climb Bukit Putra Mandiri Ancient Volcanoes. Supplies and food purchased by Miss Rose before starting to climb. 6 Youth Team guide of delivering up to Mount Bagong (Tlatar Gedhe) then 2 other guides which deliver up to the Peak and plans to camp to take Pictures Sunrise, Sunset can be taken to Mount Bagong location. After reaching peak, with the stock preparation of Sister Rose is not ready then forced to go home because of unbearable cold at the summit. Approximately at 23.00 and Youth Reporter Kompas to below. Pak Hartono as a village elder community leaders who are advised to spend the night at his house, but Miss Rose is still very fit and wants to finish its work as a journalist immediately return keJogja. Perhaps the experience and lessons for our members that Just promise Karangtaruna, Consistent and Never Give Up is an attitude that must be embedded founded us, just like Sister Rose though a girl alone still keep their promises and duties to cover and write information about the Ancient Volcano

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